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Vol 2014 (2014) On the q-variant of integral Baskakov operators Abstract   PDF
Asha Ram Gairola, Girish Dobhal, Karunesh Kumar Singh
Vol 2017 (2017) On Yang means Abstract   PDF
Edward Neuman
Vol 2017 (2017) On Yang means II Abstract   PDF
Edward Neuman
Vol 2015 (2015) Operator inequalities associated with relative operator entropies Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Bagher Ghaemi, Nahid Gharakhanlu, Shigeru Furuichi
Vol 2018 (2018) Optimal bounds for Neuman-Sándor mean in terms of one-parameter centroidal mean Abstract   PDF
Xiao Hong He, Hui Zuo Xu, Shao Yun Li, Su Qin Wu
Vol 2016 (2016) Optimal quadratic bounds for the largest eigenvalue of correlation matrices under restricted information Abstract   PDF
Werner Huerlimann
Vol 2018 (2018) Ostrowski and Ostrowski-Gruss type inequalities for vector-valued functions with k points via a parameter Abstract   PDF
Seth Kermausuor
Vol 2016 (2016) Positive solutions for fractional difference equations using fixed point theorem Abstract   PDF
Lavanya A.P., Daphy Louis Lovenia J.
Vol 2016 (2016) Positive solutions for nonlinear second order differential equations with singularities Abstract   PDF
Shengjun Li, Wenya Xing, Wulan Li
Vol 2015 (2015) Power type oscillatory mean and its dual Abstract   PDF
Lokesha V, S. Kumar, U.K. Misra, K.M. Nagaraja
Vol 2014 (2014) Prefunctions and differential equations via Sumudu transform Abstract   PDF
D.B. Dhaigude, S.B. Dhaigude
Vol 2014 (2014) Refinement of Jensen’s inequality for operator convex functions Abstract   PDF
L. Horvath, K.A. Khan, J. Pecaric
Vol 1 (2012) Refinements and generalizations of certain inequalities involving trigonometric and hyperbolic functions Abstract   PDF
Edward Neuman
Vol 2015 (2015) Refinements of the classical Jensen’s inequality coming from refinements of the discrete Jensen’s inequality Abstract   PDF
Laszlo Horvath, Josip Pecaric
Vol 2019 (2019) Reversible fuzzy posets Abstract   PDF
Yogesh Prasad, T.P. Johnson
Vol 2019 (2019) Sensitivity analysis for a parametric generalized variational-like inequality problem: a P-η-proximal mapping approach Abstract   PDF
F.A. Khan, R.H. Aljahani, A.A. Alatawi, J.S. Alatawi
Vol 2018 (2018) Sharp bounds for Sandor-Yang means in terms of Lehmer means Abstract   PDF
Jun Li Wang, Hui Zuo Xu, Wei Mao Qian
Vol 2019 (2019) Sharp bounds involving the Sandor-Yang means in terms of other bivariate means Abstract   PDF
Shao Yun Li, Fang Jin, Hui Zuo Xu
Vol 2016 (2016) Some common fixed point theorems for various types of compatible mappings in intuitionistic fuzzy metric spaces Abstract   PDF
Aarti Sugandhi, Aklesh Pariya, Sandeep Kumar Tiwari
Vol 1 (2012) Some compact generalisations of Enestrom-Kakeya type theorem for polynomials Abstract   PDF
B. A. Zargar
Vol 2017 (2017) Some generalization of power inequalities for the numerical radius of sum of products of two operators in a Hilbert space Abstract   PDF
Adiyasuren Vandanjav, Batzorig Undrakh
Vol 2 (2013) Some generalizations of the Enestrom-Kakeya theorem Abstract   PDF
N. A. Rather, Suhail Gulzar
Vol 2016 (2016) Some generalized Ostrowski type inequalities involving local fractional integrals and applications Abstract   PDF
Mehmet Zeki Sarikaya, Samet Erden, Hüseyin Budak
Vol 2016 (2016) Some Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities for n-time differentiable functions which are generalized (s,m)-preinvex functions Abstract   PDF
Artion Kashuri, Rozana Liko
Vol 2015 (2015) Some inequalities for the gamma k-function Abstract   PDF
Shahid Mubeen, Sana Iqbal
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