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Vol 2017 (2017) Non-linear harvesting of prey with dynamically varying effort in a modified Leslie-Gower predator-prey system Abstract   PDF
Sunita Gakkhar, Reenu Rani
Vol 2017 (2017) On the existence of positive periodic solution of a amensalism model with Holling II functional response Abstract   PDF
Qiaoxia Lin, Xiaoyan Zhou
Vol 2016 (2016) Optimal control of a computer virus model with network attacks Abstract   PDF
Yongzhen Pei, Hongyue Pei, Xiyin Liang, Meixia Zhu
Vol 2016 (2016) Optimal harvesting control of N species for a nonlinear population system Abstract   PDF
Jiangbi Liu, Zhixue Luo, Hongwei Luo
Vol 2015 (2015) Periodic solution of a periodic predator-prey-mutualist system Abstract   PDF
Liya Yang, Xiangdong Xie, Chengqiang Wu
Vol 2015 (2015) Permanence for a discrete competitive system with feedback controls Abstract   PDF
Shengbin Yu
Vol 2017 (2017) Permanence of a food-chain system with stage structure and time delay Abstract   PDF
Zhihui Ma, Shufan Wang
Vol 2015 (2015) Permanence of a Gilpin-Ayala competition system with infinite delays and single feedback control Abstract   PDF
Danhong Wang
Vol 2015 (2015) Permanence of a Lotka-Volterra cooperative system with time delays and feedback controls Abstract   PDF
Junyan Xu, Fengde Chen
Vol 2017 (2017) Persistence and global stability of a Leslie-Gower predator-prey refuge system with a competitor for the prey Abstract   PDF
Chandan Maji, Debasis Mukherjee, Dipak Kesh
Vol 2017 (2017) Pest interaction on sexual reproductive system of forest seed dynamics Abstract   PDF
J. Rajasingh, R. Murugesu
Vol 2018 (2018) Plant responses to disease and herbivore attack: a mathematical model Abstract   PDF
Debasis Mukherjee
Vol 2016 (2016) Population and evolutionary adaptive dynamics of a stochastic predator-prey model Abstract   PDF
Tao Feng, Xinzhu Meng
Vol 2016 (2016) Positive periodic solution of a discrete commensal symbiosis model with Holling II functional response Abstract   PDF
Tingting Li, Qiaoxia Lin, Jinhuang Chen
Vol 2015 (2015) Positive periodic solution of a discrete Lotka-Volterra commensal symbiosis model Abstract   PDF
Xiangdong Xie, Zhansshuai Miao, Yalong Xue
Vol 2015 (2015) Positive periodic solution of a discrete obligate Lotka-Volterra model Abstract   PDF
Fengde Chen, Liqiong Pu, Liya Yang
Vol 2013 (2013) Predator-prey interactions with harvesting of predator with prey in refuge Abstract   PDF
S. A. Wuhaib, Y. Abu Hasan
Vol 2014 (2014) Reproduction number for yellow fever dynamics between primates and human beings Abstract   PDF
Monica Kung’aro, Livingstone S. Luboobi, Francis Shahada
Vol 2016 (2016) Revisiting logistic population model for assessing periodically harvested closures Abstract   PDF
Duo Yu, Sanyi Tang, Yijun Lou
Vol 2016 (2016) Role of macrophage in the disease dynamics of cutaneous Leishmaniasis: a delay induced mathematical study Abstract   PDF
D. Biswas, Priti Kumar Roy, Xue- Zhi Li, F. Al Basir, J. Pal
Vol 2017 (2017) SEIS model with multiple latent stages and treatment in an exponentially growing population Abstract   PDF
Stanislas Ouaro, Desire Ouedraogo
Vol 2017 (2017) Sensitivity equations for a three-staged population model with age-size-structure Abstract   PDF
Yan Liu, Ze-Rong He
Vol 2017 (2017) Spatial competition mathematical model analysis for the invasion, removal of Kappaphycus Algae in gulf of Mannar with propagation delays Abstract   PDF
D. Pandiaraja, N. Arun Nagendran, D. Murugeswari, Vishnu Narayan Mishra
Vol 2018 (2018) Stability analysis of a Lotka-Volterra type predator-prey system with Allee effect on the predator species Abstract   PDF
Xinyu Guan, Yu Liu, Xiangdong Xie
Vol 2018 (2018) Stability analysis of a stochastic SIS model with double epidemic hypothesis and specific nonlinear incidence rate Abstract   PDF
Amine EL Koufi, Mouhcine Naim, Abdelkrim Bennar, Noura Yousfi
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