On output subsystems of fuzzy Moore machines

S. A. Morye, S. R. Chaudhari


The purpose of this paper is to study fuzzy Moore machines and their (output) subsystems. Apart from usual properties of subsystems of a fuzzy Moore machine, we characterize them using a class of fuzzy sets for fixed strings of input and output. Also a class of subsystems of a given fuzzy Moore machines is obtained with the help of fuzzy points. Cyclic and super cyclic subsystems are also encountered and characterized. The concept of subsystem is generalized to output subsystem. While proving (cartesian) product of output subsystems is an output subsystem, we introduce products of fuzzy Moore machines. These products of fuzzy Moore machines with the help of separability of functions and without separability of functions are analyzed and natural products are introduced.

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Published: 2015-07-13

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S. A. Morye, S. R. Chaudhari, On output subsystems of fuzzy Moore machines, Eng. Math. Lett., 2015 (2015), Article ID 12

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