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About Us

Science & Knowledge Publishing Corporation Limited (SCIK), is a UK publisher of scientific, technical, and medical books and journals.

SCIK aims our journals to maintain the high standards of quality, with Editorial Boards composed of scholars well known around the world. We aim to combine the highest international standards of scientific quality together with efficient and fast peer-review process. SCIK provides open access to any one to obtain, read, download and print the full text of the research articles, surveys, journals and books published by us.

The benefits of publishing in an open access journal as compared to traditional subscription journals are:

1. Your article will have the potential to obtain more citations.

2. You own the copyright to your published article.

3. Your article will be peer-reviewed and published very fast.

4. Your article can be read by a potentially much larger audience compared with traditional subscription journals.

5. Open Access journals are FREE to view, download and to print.

SCIK will launch more new high quality journals specialised fields of science, knowledge and technology.