Priority disciplined queuing models with fuzzy

R. Ramesh, S. Kumara Ghuru


This work constructs the membership functions of the system characteristics of  Priority Disciplined Queuing models with Fuzzy parameters  (preemptive priority, non preemptive priority) in which the arrival rate, service rate are fuzzy numbers. The α – cut approach is used to transform a fuzzy queue into a family of conventional crisp queues in this context. Approximate method of Extension is used to define membership functions of the performance measures of priority queuing system. We propose a fuzzy nature in FMi/FFi/1 queuing system and arrivals and services from a single server follows a Poisson process with fuzzy parameters. In this paper we study the models with different service times across different classes. Numerical example is illustrated to check the validity of the proposed method.

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R. Ramesh, S. Kumara Ghuru, Priority disciplined queuing models with fuzzy, J. Math. Comput. Sci., 4 (2014), 594-602

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