An ID-based key-exposure free chameleon hashing under Schnorr signature

Tejeshwari Thakur, Birendra Kumar Sharma


An ID-based key exposure free chameleon hashing scheme under the Schnorr signature system is proposed in this paper. Gao et al [5] first proposed chameleon hashing based on schnorr signature. This scheme inherited the qualities of Schnorr scheme [7], but our proposed scheme used in schnorr scheme quality and our design based on ID-based system in chameleon hashing, because the owner of a public key does not necessarily need to retrieve the associated secret key. And I have been implementing the algorithm in Mathematica 7.0 and here are provided the steps of the algorithm and discusses the security and efficiency.

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Tejeshwari Thakur, Birendra Kumar Sharma, An ID-based key-exposure free chameleon hashing under Schnorr signature, Journal of Mathematical and Computational Science, Vol 6, No 3 (2016), 281-289

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