Vague soft set theory and decision making

Abdelghani Taouti


Fuzzy max-minima and fuzzy soft max-minima approaches have been discussed in the literature. We introduce and discuss vague soft maxima-minima approach, and by using these techniques we solve the problems in decision making theory. When vague soft relations are made, among these relations which ever object have a higher membership grade is selected, that object plays a vital role in decision making. It contains miscellaneous conclusions for advanced research and scientific applications in Engineering. We generalized a fuzzy soft max-minima approach towards vague soft maxima-minima approach and apply it towards decision making theory. Finally, we apply these techniques in decision making theory. We introduce vague soft Max-Min method and Minimization, We adopt soft set notions and operations towards applications in decision making theory.

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Abdelghani Taouti, Vague soft set theory and decision making, J. Math. Comput. Sci., 6 (2016), 1100-1107

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