SI-rings and their extensions as 2-primal rings

Smarti Gosani, V. K. Bhat


Let R be a ring, σ an automorphism of R such that aσ(a) ∈ N(R) if and only if a ∈ N(R), where N(R) is the set of nilpotent elements of R and δ a σ-derivation of R such that δ(P) ⊆ P, for all minimal prime ideal P of R. We recall that a ring R is called an SI-ring if for a, b ∈ R, ab = 0 implies aRb = 0. In this paper we show that if R is a commutative Noetherian SI-ring, which is also an algebra over Q and σ and δ be as above, then R[x;σ,δ] is 2-primal.

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Smarti Gosani, V. K. Bhat, SI-rings and their extensions as 2-primal rings, J. Math. Comput. Sci., 7 (2017), 201-210

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