Multiset classifications and inclusion parameters

M.S.El Azab, M. Shokry, R.A. Abokhadra


Topological structures on a set are considered generalized flexible mathematical models for non-quantities real life problems. In many real life problems, medical investigation and teaching for example, the repetition of cases affect the process of decisions making, and so the multiset is suitable theory for modeling such cases. In this paper comparison between power whole and power full multiset topologies are presented. Classes of closure and interior operators in the two multiset topologies are initiated. Properties of the suggested operators are obtained. Also, boundary operators are defined and investigated. The concepts of Yager fuzzy intersection and union are generalized to multiset context. Examples and counter examples are given. The suggested operator can help in the process of approximation in information system.

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M.S.El Azab, M. Shokry, R.A. Abokhadra, Multiset classifications and inclusion parameters, J. Math. Comput. Sci., 7 (2017), 400-413

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