Monitoring process performance using self-starting cumulative sum control chart

S. Subbulakshmi, A. Kachimohideen


Statistical process control (SPC) charts are important tools for detecting process shifts. The control chart is an important statistical technique that is used to monitor the quality of a process. Shewhart control charts help to detect larger shifts in the process parameters, but Cumulative Sum (CUSUM) and Exponentially Weighted Moving Average (EWMA) charts are expected for smaller and moderate changes. The CUSUM control chart is normally used in industry for the result of small and moderate shifts in process spot and disparity. It can be shown that if there are sharp, irregular changes to a process, these types of charts are highly effective. On the other hand, if one involved in a small, persistent shift in a process, other types of control charts may be chosen, for instance the CUSUM control chart, originally developed by Page (1954). In this article, we used CUSUM control chart for monitoring the moisture level of the paper sheet.

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