A novel feedback control system to study the stability in stationary states

Khamosh -, Vinod Kumar, Ashish -


In the last few decades, the stabilization in stationary states has emerged as a new auspicious campaigner in chaos theory and found a celebrated place through various control techniques such as predictive control, delayed feedback control, constant proportional feedback control and oscillating feedback control system. Generally, it is accepted that the superiority of control systems is not only to quash the irregular distribution of stationary states, but also to illustrate its basin of attractions as large as possible depending on the numerical as well as analytical observance. In this article, the universal stabilization in unstable stationary states is studied through superior fixed point feedback control system for a family of one-dimensional maps. Further, it is interesting to know that the novel system provides freedom in the control parameter γ due to which the stabilization increases more rapidly for the lager range of parameter γ in [0,1]. The analytical as well as numerical simulations are demonstrated to examine the behavior of parameter γ for which the unstable stationary state admits universal stability.

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Published: 2020-08-19

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Khamosh -, Vinod Kumar, Ashish -, A novel feedback control system to study the stability in stationary states, J. Math. Comput. Sci., 10 (2020), 2094-2109

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