Cancellative semigroups admitting conjugates

G.I. Moghaddam, R. Padmanabhan


We prove conjugate analogs of Mal’cev-Neumann-Taylor-Levi’s theorems. In other words, we characterize semigroups em- beddable in nilpotent groups of class n by means of conjugacy laws involving semigroup laws described by Mal’cev, Neumann and Taylor.  Moreover we prove that a cancellative semigroup admitting conjugates is embeddable in a nilpotent group of class 2 if and only if it satisfies the conjugacy law x^y^z = x^y. Also adapting Ore’s techniques we describe an exact procedure for embedding a cancellative semigroup admitting conjugates into a group.

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Published: 2015-10-28

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G.I. Moghaddam, R. Padmanabhan, Cancellative semigroups admitting conjugates, J. Semigroup Theory Appl., 2015 (2015), Article ID 9

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