Issue Title
Vol 2014 (2014) Hyperbolicity of tensor product semigroups Abstract   PDF
S. Panayappan, S. Meena
Vol 2016 (2016) Idempotents, band and Green's relations on ternary semigroups Abstract   PDF
Rabah Kellil
Vol 1 (2012) Inverse rings and inverse semigroups of ring homomorphisms Abstract   PDF
Adel Afif Abdelkarim
Vol 2020 (2020) Inverse semigroup amalgams with a lower bounded core Abstract   PDF
Paul Bennett
Vol 2019 (2019) Laguerre equation and fractional Laguerre polynomials Abstract   PDF
Ma'mon Abu Hammad, Bilal Albarmawi, A. Shmasneh, Amer Dababneh
Vol 2017 (2017) L-sequences of saturated numerical semigroups with multiplicity Abstract   PDF
Sedat Ilhan, Ahmet Celik
Vol 2019 (2019) Modified semi-linear uniform spaces and new types of contractions Abstract   PDF
Suad Alhihi, Amani Rawashdeh, Abdalla TAllafha
Vol 2013 (2013) Notions of amenability on semigroup algebras Abstract   PDF
O.T. Mewomo
Vol 2016 (2016) On Arf numerical semigroups Abstract   PDF
Meral Süer, Sedat Ilhan
Vol 2017 (2017) On construction of some new types of semigroups Abstract   PDF
Ajmal Ali, Zahid Raza
Vol 2013 (2013) On epimorphisms and seminormal identities Abstract   PDF
Wajih Ashraf, Noor Mohammad Khan
Vol 2014 (2014) On fuzzy points in ternary semigroups Abstract   PDF
Essam. H. Hamouda
Vol 2016 (2016) On geometric fractional calculus Abstract   PDF
Thabet Abdeljawad, Michael Grossman
Vol 2017 (2017) On large arbitrary left path within a semigroup Abstract   PDF
Ajmal Ali, Zahid Raza
Vol 2017 (2017) On Liu algebras: a new composite structure of the BCL⁺ algebras and the semigroups Abstract   PDF
Yonghong Liu
Vol 2014 (2014) On (m,n)-ideals of left almost semigroups Abstract   PDF
Faisal Yousafzai, Waqar Khan, Wenbin Guo, Madad Khan
Vol 2019 (2019) On pairwise C-closed space in bitopological space Abstract   PDF
Nosaiba M. Omar, Hasan Z. Hdeib
Vol 2018 (2018) On pairwise L-closed spaces in bitopological spaces Abstract   PDF
Eman M. Almohor, Hasan Z. Hdeib
Vol 2018 (2018) On some saturated numerical semigroups with multiplicity eight Abstract   PDF
Ahmet Çelik, Sedat İlhan
Vol 2018 (2018) On some semigroups generated from Cayley functions Abstract   PDF
Lejo J. Manavalan, P.G. Romeo
Vol 2015 (2015) On the one half of an arf numerıcal semıgroup Abstract   PDF
Meral SÜER, Sedat İlhan
Vol 2015 (2015) On the semigroups of quasi-open transformations Abstract   PDF
Firudin Kh. Muradov
Vol 2019 (2019) Operator Lipschitz estimate functions on Banach spaces Abstract   PDF
Simon Joseph, Arafa Dawood, Nagat Suoliman, Fatin Saeed, Mohammed Mustafa
Vol 2020 (2020) Operators of exponential type and the abstract Cauchy problem Abstract   PDF
R. Khalil, M. Horani, R. Lahcene
Vol 2016 (2016) Orthogonal reverse derivations- semiprime gamma rings Abstract   PDF
Dhananjaya Reddy
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