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Carl Lindberg
Trading on a momentum opportunity
Math. Finance Lett., 1 (2012), 1-7

Charles I. Nkeki, Chukwuma R. Nwozo
Valuation and management of flow of internally generated revenue and federal government monetary allocations
Math. Finance Lett., 1 (2012), 8-21

Bright O. Osu, Silas A. Ihedioha
Lifecycle optimal investment policy for pension funds with transaction costs
Math. Finance Lett., 1 (2012), 22-42

Bright O. Osu, Okecukwu U. Solomon
A stochastic algorithm for the valuation of financial derivatives using the hyperbolic distributional variates
Math. Finance Lett., 1 (2012), 43-56

U.K. Misra, L.K. Raju, Srichandan Mishra, G. Misra
An inventory model with quadratic demand pattern and deterioration with shortages under the influence of inflation
Math. Finance Lett., 1 (2012), 57-67

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