Customized food and restaurant expanding fuzzy logic

Ifra Masroor, Muhammad Abrar, Rooha Masroor


Everyone loves to eat delicious food, in a good environment and within affordable budget. The ever increasing work load in the workplaces, the fast life, and busy schedules have set the trends for the people to eat in a restaurants .This trend has made the Food and Restaurant Industry to flourish in our country and more and more restaurants are opening in the market now a day. The huge number of restaurants in the market with different food offerings and different environment has made it really difficult for a simple person to select and choose the appropriate restaurant according to his taste, budgetary and mood requirements. Therefore, most of the times, people end up wasting their time and money on the restaurants, food and the locations those don’t provide food according to their taste buds. Prime objective was to make use of the Computer technology to suggest the appropriate restaurant to the people according to their budget, taste, and environment of the restaurant. Web Interface was also developed for user ease and comfort. Android application was planned so that users can order by simply using their cell phone. Virtual environment feature was also added so that users can select the factors like taste spicy, sour, and crispy or multiple taste in the same way user could also select the internal or external view of environment like whether he/she wanted to sit near play area, near LED all can be selected just clicking on android application.  Results were calculated according to android user’s usability and it was 100% for those who frequently use mobile phones, Tools used while designing this system are MATLAB and APACHE.

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Published: 2021-03-25

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