A study of non-isothermal permeable flow of nano-fluids in a stretchable rotating disk system

A. O. Akindele, A. W. Ogunsola


The rapid development of modern nanotechnology has brought about the importance of particles of nanometer-size (normally less than 100 nm) as compared to those of macro meter-size. Occurrences of heat transfer in flow of nanofluids are more prominent in industries and advanced technological processes. Transportation, atomic reactors, lubricating system and polymer processing are few of such processes. A non-isothermal permeable flow of nanofluids between dual stretching and rotating disks was examined. The governing nonlinear conservation equations were considered in cylindrical coordinate and Von Karman transformations were rendered into the system, the emerging boundary value problem was associated with a number of dimensionless parameters, such as, Prandtl number, upper and lower disk stretching parameters, permeability and relative rotation rate parameters. The Nano- fluid model was used to account for the effects of Brownian and Thermophoresis motion on the flow system. The resulting nonlinear system of equations is then solved using Newton’s Finite difference technique by MAPLE 18.0 software. The numerical solution obtained showed the effects of the associated physical parameters on the velocities, temperature, pressure and the concentration profiles presented graphically.

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Published: 2021-02-19

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A. O. Akindele, A. W. Ogunsola, A study of non-isothermal permeable flow of nano-fluids in a stretchable rotating disk system, J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 1486-1498

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