Bibliometric analysis of effect of applied magnetic field on blood flow in stenosed artery

B. S. Veena


Around 50% of the deaths in the world are because of heart diseases. One of the heart diseases is Atherosclerosis which occurs due to stenosis in arteries. Researchers and medical practioners are working on how to reduce the reduction/fluctuations in blood flow in stenosed arteries. One of the methods under consideration is the application of magnetic field on blood flow in stenosed arteries.

With limited healthcare resources, Bibliometric studies help scholars and funding agencies to focus on the research area in which more attention is needed. The main purpose of this bibliometric analysis is to find the development in blood flow in stenosed arteries and to identify potential areas for further research. This paper provides an overall picture of research carried in blood flow in stenosed arteries in the presence of applied magnetic field and, in the current century. This analysis is done using mainly Scopus database along with Google scholar, data taken from Mendeley and using some graphical tools.

This survey revealed that the maximum publications are from journals and conferences and India lead the publications in this area. Blood flow and stenosis are frequently used key words and major contributions in this area are from computer science journals followed by mechanical journals. Medical and Engineering are two main fields in which the publications in this topic are more. The high number of citations of the journals in which the related articles are published shows the importance and thrust in this area. This paper puts a light on contribution of researchers in the area which will help medical practioners to take up the idea to next level.

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Published: 2021-11-22

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