Phase retrieval problem in space of lp(Γ) (0<p<1)

Yanan Yan


In this paper, we use the injective of operator AΦ to represent the uniqueness of the phase retrieval. We show that the relationship between the complement property (CP) and phase retrieval of frames in non-Banach space lp(Γ) (0<p<1). Moreover, we also consider the stability of phase retrieval and quantify the stability by the ratio of the upper and lower bounds of the frame Φ in lp(Γ) (0<p<1).

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Published: 2023-05-15

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Yanan Yan, Phase retrieval problem in space of lp(Γ) (0<p<1), J. Math. Comput. Sci., 13 (2023), Article ID 3

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