Efficient and secure certificateless key-insulated proxy signature scheme

Mahesh Palakollu, Gowri Thumbur, P. Vasudeva Reddy


A proxy signature scheme is a kind of digital signature which permits the original signer to delegate his or her signing capabilities to a proxy signer who can sign on the original signer's behalf. The security of any cryptographic scheme based on the secrecy of private key and the exposure of such keys may result in disastrous circumstances in the communication network of the system. A proxy key insulated scheme was devised to mitigate the impact of private key exposure in proxy signature schemes. In this research, we offer a novel certificateless key-insulated proxy signature technique (CL-KIPS) that employs elliptic curve cryptography on a finite field. This approach reduces the damage caused by private key exposure in any proxy signature scheme. Even if a secret key is released for a limited time, the suggested key insulation technique refreshes the key and prevents the adversary from acquiring the secret from the device for subsequent time periods. The suggested CL-KIPS scheme's security is shown in the ROM model with the premise that the ECDLP is hard. In terms of computing and communication, we contrast our CL-KIPS system with similar and contemporary technologies.  The comparison of the findings indicates that the suggested method is suitable for real-world applications like WSNs, VANETs, IoT applications, etc. where the available processing power, bandwidth, and storage capacity are constrained.

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Published: 2024-04-25

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