Dynamic task scheduling using nature inspired algorithms

Sasmita Kumari Nayak, Chandra Sekhar Panda


In this article; introduces a dynamic task scheduling in distributed system.  Many techniques have been proposed for dynamic task scheduling problem. In a distributed system; Nature inspired algorithms have been drawn up for scheduling the heterogeneous tasks on heterogeneous processors dynamically. It utilizes different nature inspired algorithms to minimize and maximize the makespan and average utilization of processors respectively. It deals with the dynamic task scheduling problem. This paper is demonstrated with three phases. In first phase; introduces the dynamic task scheduling problem with the computation of objectives. In the next phase; explaining about the Nature Inspired algorithms applied to this problem. All proposed Nature Inspired algorithms are introduced as a multi-objective optimization algorithm. In the last phase; the experimental results compared with the varied Nature Inspired algorithms to get the better performance in dynamic task scheduling problem. We have accomplished more effective and good outcomes by analyzing all the techniques over a varied scenario with scheduling of 52 tasks on 29 heterogeneous processors.

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Published: 2021-01-06

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