Quantum codes obtained through (1+(p−2)ν)-constacyclic codes over Zp+νZp

Jagbir Singh, Prateek Mor


This paper is concerned with, structural properties and construction of quantum codes over Zp by using (1+(p−2)ν)-Constacyclic codes over the finite commutative non-chain ring ℜ = Zp+νZp where ν2 = ν and Zp is field having p elements with characteristic p where p is prime. A Gray map is defined between ℜ and Zp2. The parameters of quantum codes over Zp are obtained by decomposing (1+(p−2)ν)-constacyclic codes into cyclic and negacyclic codes over Zp. As an application, some examples of quantum codes of arbitrary length, are also obtained.

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Published: 2021-04-05

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Jagbir Singh, Prateek Mor, Quantum codes obtained through (1+(p−2)ν)-constacyclic codes over Zp+νZp, J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 2583-2592

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