The dynamics of a delayed ecological model with predator refuge and cannibalism

Reem Mudar Hussien, Raid Kamel Naji


This study has contributed to understanding a delayed prey-predator system involving cannibalism. The system is assumed to use the Holling type II functional response to describe the consuming process and incorporates the predator's refuge against the cannibalism process. The characteristics of the solution are discussed. All potential equilibrium points have been identified. All equilibrium points' local stability analyses for all time delay values are investigated. The system exhibits a Hopf bifurcation at the coexistence equilibrium, which is further demonstrated. The center manifold and normal form theorems for functional differential equations are then used to establish the direction of Hopf bifurcation and the stability of the periodic solution. To demonstrate the key findings, various numerical simulations are then run.

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Published: 2023-05-22

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Reem Mudar Hussien, Raid Kamel Naji, The dynamics of a delayed ecological model with predator refuge and cannibalism, Commun. Math. Biol. Neurosci., 2023 (2023), Article ID 52

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