2-primal weak (σ,δ)-rigid rings

M. Abrol, V. K. Bhat


For a ring R, an endomorphism σ of R and δ a σ-derivation of R, we introduce a weak (σ,δ)-rigid ring, which generalizes the notion of (σ,δ)-rigid rings and investigate its properties. Moreover, we state and prove a necessary and sufficient condition for a weak (σ,δ)-rigid ring to be a (σ,δ)-rigid ring. We prove that a (σ,δ)-ring is a weak (σ,δ)-rigid ring and conversely that the prime radical of a weak(σ,δ)-rigid ring is a (σ,δ)-ring. We also find a relation between minimal prime ideals and completely prime ideals of a ring R, where R is a (σ,δ)-ring and R is a 2-primal weak (σ,δ)-rigid ring.

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Published: 2014-05-23

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M. Abrol, V. K. Bhat, 2-primal weak (σ,δ)-rigid rings, Algebra Lett., 2014 (2014), Article ID 1

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