A novel k-mean clustering based graph cut for brain MR image segmentation

Naresh Ghorpade, H. R. Bhapkar


Image Segmentation is an influential method to detect and distinguish the diseased and normal sections of an image. Image segmentation extracts the regions of interest for precise diagnosis of tumours and scheduling appropriate line of treatment. The distinct tumours in brain have varied outlies, position and intensity values. Consequently, it is difficult to develop a common technique for brain MRI segmentation. Moreover, the extraction of anomalies from the brain MRI turns out to be a challenging task. In this research, we have developed a self-regulating method for selection of seed points for partitioning the graph of MR images with tumor to attain graph cut segmentation. The proposes method overcomes the key problem of primary seed point selection by utilizing the balanced brain layout and combines k - mean clustering into graph cut for segmenting an image. The outcomes attained by the proposed technique facilitates improved segmentation of the diseased region.

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Published: 2021-08-30

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Naresh Ghorpade, H. R. Bhapkar, A novel k-mean clustering based graph cut for brain MR image segmentation, J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7089-7104

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