On Rolf Nevanlinna Prize Winners collaboration graph - III

V. Yegnanarayanan, G.K Umamaheswari


The problem of determining the collaboration graph of co-authors of Paul Erdos is a challenging task. Here we take up this problem for the case of Rolf Nevanlinna Prize Winners.  Even though the number of the prize winners as on date is 8, the collaboration graph has 23 vertices and 48 edges and posses several interesting properties.  In this paper we have obtained this graph and determined standard graph parameters for both this graph and its complement besides probing its structural properties.  Several new results were obtained.

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V. Yegnanarayanan, G.K Umamaheswari, On Rolf Nevanlinna Prize Winners collaboration graph - III, J. Math. Comput. Sci., 3 (2013), 419-455

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