Advances in Fixed Point Theory (AFPT) is a peer-reviewed open access international journal, which is aimed to provide a publication forum for important research in different areas of current interest covering all aspects of fixed point theory and their techniques applicable to nonlinear analysis, geometry, game theory, mathematical economics, engineering, mathematical physics, mathematical biology and other related areas. This journal will accept high quality articles containing original research results and survey articles of exceptional merit.
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Vol 13 (2023)

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Mustapha Sabiri, Ilyas Sitli
A new fixed point result in generalized metric space with a graph
Adv. Fixed Point Theory, 13 (2023), Article ID 1

J. Zhang, Q. Yuan
An iterative method for solutions of a generalized variational inequality in real Hilbert spaces
Adv. Fixed Point Theory, 13 (2023), Article ID 2

Hamza El Mamouni, Khalid Hattaf, Noura Yousfi
Existence of traveling waves by means of fixed point theory for an epidemic model with Hattaf-Yousfi incidence rate and temporary immunity acquired by vaccination
Adv. Fixed Point Theory, 13 (2023), Article ID 3

Advances in Fixed Point Theory

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