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Vol 11, No 6 (2021)

This issue is currently in progress but contains articles that are final and fully citable.

Table of Contents

Hermansah -, Dedi Rosadi, Abdurakhman -, Herni Utami
A comparison of learning algorithms for seasonal time series forecasting using NARX model
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 6638-6656

Thiti Gaketem
On interval valued fuzzy almost (m,n)-bi-ideal in semigroups
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 6657-6665

Tawakalt Abosede Ayoola, Helen Olaronke Edogbanya, Olumuyiwa James Peter, Festus Abiodun Oguntolu, Kayode Oshinubi, Mutiu Lawal Olaosebikan
Modelling and optimal control analysis of typhoid fever
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 6666-6682

S. Mahalakshmi, V. Piramanantham
Periodic solutions for an impulsive predator-prey model with Holling type functional response and time delays
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 6683-6698

Anantachai Padcharoen, Phachara Saipara
New hybrid generalized weakly contractive mappings
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 6699-6713

Sanhan Muhammad Salih Khasraw
On intersection graph of dihedral group
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 6714-6728

T. A. Anake, S. O. Edeki, O. P. Ogundile
Approximate-analytical solutions of some classical Riccati differential equation using the Daftardar-Gejji Jafari method
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 6729-6744

P. Sunitha, P. Sundari
Operations on bipolar interval valued anti intuitionistic fuzzy graph
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 6745-6772

Bashiru Abubakari, Mohammed Muniru Iddrisu, Kwara Nantomah
On (p,q)-analogues of some generalized Opial’s integral inequalities
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 6773-6785

Pooja G. Rajani, Arunkumar R. Patil
Construction of matrix product codes where defining matrix is generator matrix of some BCH code or RS code, using SageMath functions
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 6786-6810

Rama Shanker, Kamlesh Kumar Shukla, Manoj Tiwari, Tekie Asehuen Leonida
A generalization of size-biased Poisson-Sujatha distribution and its applications
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 6811-6828

Soumya Haridas, P. Subashini
A survey of different methods for automated diagnosis of cervical cancer in pap-smear image
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 6829-6856

Duangkamon Kitkuan
Suzuki-type Z-contraction performance
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 6857-6871

Priati Assiroj, Harco Leslie Hendric Spits Warnars, Edi Abdurachman, Achmad Imam Kistijantoro, Antoine Doucet
The implementation of memetic algorithm on image: a survey
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 6872-6896

O.M. Parkash, Mukesh -
Trigonometric fuzzy entropic models and their applications towards maximum entropy principle
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 6897-6909

Amer Dababneh, Amjed Zraiqat, Abdulkarim Farah, Hassan Al-Zoubi, Ma’Mon Abu Hammad
Numerical methods for finding periodic solutions of ordinary differential equations with strong nonlinearity
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 6910-6922

Ferrer Osmin, Dominguez Jesus, De La Barrrera Arnaldo
Hyponormal operators in soft sets
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 6923-6935

Mohammad Hailat
On the cordial labeling of certain trigraphs
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 6936-6948

Paul Chataa, Farai Nyabadza, Samuel M. Naandam
Mathematical modelling of the transmission dynamics of hepatitis B virus in the presence of imperfect vaccination
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 6949-6979

Afaf Dhafer Alqahtani, Khalid Ouarghi
On FI-cotorsion modules and dimensions
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 6980-6998

Karuna Kaewnimit, Kamsing Nonlaopon, Somsak Orankitjaroen, Hwajoon Kim
The solutions of some certain non-homogeneous fractional integral equations
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 6999-7014

K. Bhanu Chander, T. V. Pradeep Kumar
Coupled fixed points of generalized Suzuki type Z-contraction maps with rational expressions in b-metric spaces
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7015-7039

M. Jenisha, P. Chithra Devi
Continuous monotonic decomposition of jump graph of paths and complete graphs
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7040-7051

Manjeet Saini, Sanhan Muhammad Salih Khasraw, Amit Sehgal, Dalip Singh
On co-prime order graphs of finite abelian p-groups
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7052-7061

Meena Kumari Gurjar, Preeti Chhattry, Shobha Shukla
Pathway fractional integral operator associated with the j-generalized p-k Mittag-Leffler function
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7062-7071

K.U. Sreeja, P.B. Vinodkumar, P.B. Ramkumar
Independence polynomial of the Sierpinski gasket graph and the tower of Hanoi graph
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7072-7081

Chalermwut Comemuang, Pairat Janngam
Hybrid algorithm to Newton Raphson method and bisection method
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7082-7088

Naresh Ghorpade, H. R. Bhapkar
A novel k-mean clustering based graph cut for brain MR image segmentation
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7089-7104

Bhausaheb Rajba Sontakke, Shankar R. Raut
Analysis of fractional Kawahara and modified Kawahara equations based on Caputo-Fabrizio derivative operator
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7105-7125

D. Krishnaswamy, M. Velmurugan
On matrices whose Minkowski inverse is idempotent in Minkowski space
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7126-7139

M. Rajasekar, Angelina Geetha
Machine learning algorithm for information extraction from gynaecological domain in Tamil
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7140-7153

Bijoy Krishna Taid, Nazibuddin Ahmed, Subhrajit Sarma
Heat source and radiation absorption on unsteady MHD fluid flow over an infinite vertical plate embedded in a porous medium in presence of Soret effect
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7154-7169

Subrata Chakraborty, Sahana Bhattacharjee
Modeling proportion of success in high school leaving certificate examination-a comparative study of inflated unit Lindley and inflated beta distribution
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7170-7198

M. T. Somalatha, N. Shilpa, Touqeer Ahmed
Uniqueness of differential difference polynomials of L-functions and meromorphic functions sharing a polynomial
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7199-7208

V. Chinnadurai, S. Thayalan, A. Bobin
Multi-criteria decision-making in complex Fermatean fuzzy environment
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7209-7227

Touqeer Ahmed, N. Shilpa
Study of L-function using weakly weighted sharing defined over an extended Selberg class
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7228-7237

Huidrom Malemnganbi, M. Kuber Singh
A fuzzy leakage inventory model with shortage using triangular and trapezoidal fuzzy numbers
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7238-7252

Sujoy Das, Ranajoy Roy
Some topological properties of multi metric spaces
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7253-7268

Nozim Kurbonov, Komila Ibragimova
Numerical solution of the problem of gas filtration in porous media by the method of coordinate splitting
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7269-7286

Yuli Wibawati, Erfiani -, Bagus Sartono
Features development in machine learning model for non-invasive blood-glucose measurement
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7287-7301

A.A. Adeniji, I. Fedotov, M.Y. Shatalov, A.C. Mkolesia
Numerical investigation of the index of the vector field of Holling-Tanner model by the fast Fourier transform
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7302-7316

Uttam Kharde, Kalyanrao Takale, Shrikrishna Gaikwad
Numerical solution of time fractional drug concentration equation in central nervous system
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7317-7336

Anuja Sinha
Effect of thermal radiation on MHD three dimensional natural convective Couette flow in presence of thermo-diffusion and chemical reaction
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7337-7359

Phaisatcha Inpoonjai
On balanced edge product cordial graphs
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7360-7371

B. Praba, M. Logeshwari
Sentiment analysis using rough co-zero divisor graph
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7372-7383

Crankson Monica Veronica, Olotu Olusegun, Amegbey Newton, Afolabi Ayodeji Sunday
Mathematical modeling and stability analyses on the transmission dynamics of bacterial meningitis
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7384-7413

Parul Singh, Sushma Devi, Manoj Kumar
Some fixed point theorems in S-metric spaces with new contractive mappings
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7414-7430

Chanokgan Sahatsathatsana, Sattra Sahatsathatsana, Nirun Nitisuk
Bounds on Poisson approximation for the multicolour matching
J. Math. Comput. Sci., 11 (2021), 7431-7439

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