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Lambrini Seremeti, Ioannis Kougias
Computation of ontology resemblance coefficients for improving semantic interoperability
Eng. Math. Lett., 2 (2013), 1-19

Bapurao C. Dhage, Govind P. Kamble, Ram G. Metkar
On generalized Mellin-Hardy integral transformations
Eng. Math. Lett., 2 (2013), 67-80

Reza Habibi
A note on adaptive filter construction using Bayesian method
Eng. Math. Lett., 2 (2013), 20-23

Ibrahim Yusuf, Saminu I. Bala
Modeling and evaluation of MTSF of a repairable 2-out-of-4 warm standby system attended by repair machines and repairmen
Eng. Math. Lett., 2 (2013), 81-89

Xiaoye Yang
Iterative sequences with errors for generalized contractive mappings in metric spaces
Eng. Math. Lett., 2 (2013), 24-33

Rakesh Batra, Sachin Vashistha
Some coupled coincidence point results under c-distance in cone metric spaces
Eng. Math. Lett., 2 (2013), 90-114

Muhammad Aslam Noor, Khalida Ianayat Noor, Muhammad Waseem
Decomposition method for solving system of linear equations
Eng. Math. Lett., 2 (2013), 34-41

Gagandeep Singh
Hankel determinant for analytic functions with respect to other points
Eng. Math. Lett., 2 (2013), 115-123

M. A. El-Damcese, Kh. A. Alltif
Reliability equivalence factor of a parallel system subject to timevarying failure rates
Eng. Math. Lett., 2 (2013), 42-55

Sumitra Dalal
Gregus type fixed point results for tangential mappings satisfying contractive condition in fuzzy metric spaces
Eng. Math. Lett., 2 (2013), 124-136

S.K. Paikray, R.K. Jati, U.K. Misra, N.C. Sahoo
Absolute indexed summability factor of an infinite series using quasi-f-power increasing sequences
Eng. Math. Lett., 2 (2013), 56-66

Naser A. Hoshan
The dual integral equations method involving heat equation with mixed boundary conditions
Eng. Math. Lett., 2 (2013), 137-142

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